Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Graz and language-learning adventures

We are reading up on Graz, Austria in preparation for our trip. It is the second largest city in Austria, and has six universities. The competition will be held at the Stadthalle Graz, which looks like a large exhibition hall/convention center.

Rachel and I met with my friend Veronica, who travels to Germany several times every year. She gave us some tips for international travel, and described the culture of Austria. We have been listening to German language tapes, and we will at least be able to introduce ourselves, know when we are being asked to show our passport, and get a taxi to our hotel. Veronica recommended trying the sauna at the hotel. In this part of Europe, one can get a degree or certification in sauna administration, as the proper combination of temperature, humidity and fragrant oils is part science, part art.

Guten Abend. I just can't get used to the way that all the nouns are capitalized in German!

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