Saturday, July 4, 2009

Final Competition Day

Today was the third day of competition, with the final two runs for each team.
As you can see in this photo, team members from all countries were tense. Rachel and
her team look concerned, but check out the Slovenian kids on the right. Both robots
were traversing the field at the same time, and neither was performing very well.
I couldn't get close enough to hear this conversation, but doesn't it look like Rachel is trying to
charm the three judges while Michael makes adjustments to their robot?
Here are the team members discussing their score with the judge.
The RoboDragons' robot had its best day today, but they still did not score high enough to
enter the finals tomorrow.

We spent the late afternoon taking the funicular to the top of the Schlossberg once again. This time, we walked partway down the hill on a winding, very steep path, until we came to the clock tower. We then took a glass elevator that descends into the side of the hill, into part of an extensive tunnel system. The tunnels were built during WWII to serve as an air raid shelter for up to 40,000 people.

I should mention that we have been getting around Graz using the excellent tram system, which is clean and efficient. Today there was an outdoor concert at the Hauptplatz, a square near our hotel where we usually catch the tram. Trams from both directions were rerouted, so we did more walking than usual. More photos tomorrow, our last day here in Graz.

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