Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Day in Graz

Greetings from Graz, or should we say Guten Abend!
Our hotel overlooks the River Mur, which runs through the city. Here is one view from our balcony.

After arriving and a nap, we shared chococappucino, tea and Apfelstrudel at a local kaffe shop. Here's Rachel drinking current tea. Rachel was embarrassed when I ordered in German, but I think that I got all the words right, in my horrific accent. We have encountered many English speakers, and I only had to pantomime once, to someone on the housekeeping staff. (Anyone know how to say "my daughter is sleeping" in German?)

The kaffe shop was in the Haufplatz, or square. On one side was the Town Hall, or Rathaus. Beautiful, isn't it? It was built in 1878 in honor of the Syrian Prince.

All day today was spent at the Stadthalle, where the robotics tournament is being held. We'll include photos in our next post. Tschuss!

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