Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 2 of RoboCup

Another day spent at the Stadthalle. The RoboDragons had their first two matches, and, unfortunately, an uncooperative robot prevailed and the scores were not high. They will compete twice tomorrow, and, hopefully, after many hours of robot tweaking, the scores will be higher.
This is the "field", where the robots compete in the rescue mission event. The robot has to follow the dark line, stopping to "pick up" victims on the line, avoiding the obstacles in the way, and going up the ramp to the top level.

In this photo, Rachel and teammate Uday look concerned as the robot has difficulty turning on the right angle at the bottom of the ramp.

We met this little fellow in the exhibition hall. He was dancing, with movements that closely approximated human movement. We saw his friends playing soccer (notice the computer/robotics college students with the computers in the background).
I swear that the one in the middle was looking coyly toward the camera instead of looking toward the soccer ball.

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  1. The rescue field is built so much nicer than than the clunky wooden ones at the regionals! You guys look great, too. Where's the rest of your team? I always just see Uday in the pix.